Bishop Anthony Grabbe
His Grace Bishop Anthony is well known in New York as the founder and the continuous Principal of the St. Sergius Academy, founded thirty seven years ago, originally as a Sunday school, later a middle school, then a high school, and a few years ago received a status of the Academy from the Department of Education of the State of New York.

The St. Serglus Academy is the only Russian high school outside of Russia in which education is presented in two languages. The basic subjects are conducted in English, but history and the geography of Russia, Religion, Russian Language and Literature are in Russian.

His Grace Bishop Anthony (before monasticism Count Alexei Georgievich Grabbe) was born on July 22, 1926  in Belgrade. Yugoslavia in the family of Count Georgy Pavlovich Grabbe, the former Director of Office of the Synod of Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, who was ordained priest and after the death of his wife was tonsured monk and consecrated to Bishop. He received his high school diploma in the Cadet School named after Great Prince Constantine in Bela Tserkov, Yugoslavia.

At a very young age, Alexei Grabbe decided to dedicate himseif to God.
From 1949 to 1954 Fr. Anthony studied in the Holy Trinity Theological Seminary in Jordanville, USA and graduated with a bachelors degree in Theology.

During the long years of service, Fr. Anthony had many duties in the Russian Church Abroad, he was the secretary to Archbishop Vitaty. the manager of the Monastery off ice, was on the staff of clergy of the Synod Cathedral of the Holy Virgin, the lecturer of Russian General Education Courses, where he taught a course of the study of Russian Orthodox  Religion, as the principal of the Eparchial school.

In 1959 Fr. Anthony founded the St. Sergius Academy and in 1962 the Russian American Institute of Slavonic Studies, which gave out credits for the degree of master and doctor in Liberal Arts. The list of positions would be too long to publish.

Metropolitan AnastassyFor his zealous work on spreading of Russian Christianity, Fr. Anthony was honored with many church awards. In 1962 Metropolitan Anastasy Awarded him one of the highest church awards Jeweled Cross.

In 1968, the Synod of Bishops appointed Fr. Anthony as the head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem. Fourteen candidates for this post refused to go to the Holy Land, fearing terrorists and dangerous situation in lands occupied by Israel.

After the Six Day War there arose a real danger for Russian Church Abroad due to chance that it properties could be turned over through to the Soviet Union. Similar situations took place before 1948 with some properties of Mission and Orthodox Palestinian Society. For fifteen years Fr. Anthony fought in courts of Israel against such illegal actions

During his active years, Fr. Anthony led an intense diplomatic work. He had occasions to meet with the president of the United States including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Prime Ministers of Israel Shamir and Peres, Chancellor of Germany Helmut Cole, King of Jordan Hussein and the Persian Shah Pahlevy.

In 1969 Fr. Anthony was elected Vice President of the Orthodox Palestinian Society, which was in rather poor condition. He restored enlightening activily of the Society, improved its finances, wrote statutes of the Society. Restored the order of the Society, renovated the buildings of the Society, the mission and the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdaline in Gethsemane. Soon after he was elected as president of the society and he still maintains this litle.

To attract more public attention to the mission and the society, Fr. Anthony released LP's with the recordings of the Gethsemane Monastary choir, and the concert of Synod Choir in the Holy Land, organized the filming of "Peace in the Holy Land", which was later released in Russian, English and Greek. Published a number of books about the Russian Church Abroad.

Many times Fr. Anthony was exposed to danger, and a few times he was suggested to have a personal bodyguard. But he relied on God and God saved him.

Metropolitan PhilaretFor his outstanding work as the head of the Russian Mission and the President of the Orhodox Palestine Society, in 1972 Metropolitan Philaret awarded Fr. Anthony with the highet honor  the second Jeweled Cross of first degree (unprecedented event in the history of the Russian Church Abroad), and the Supreme Council of the Palestinian Society awarded him with Gold Order of the first degee.

The International Community also noted his remarkable humanitarian activity, he was indicted into the annual "Men of Achievement",  issued in Cambridge, England.

The career of Fr. Anthony sky rocketed. He was still relatively young and had already accomplished as a clergy, executive, politician, and teacher, had many followers. students, and friends.

Such a bright persona had always and always will attract not only admiration, but also jealousy, envy, and hostility from the side of the less talented and active. His enemies provoked scandals in the Synod in the result of which Fr. Anthony decided to abandon the Russian Foreign Church.

It is a pity that in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church there is a number of examples of how the most talented, vigorous, and earnest turned out to be not suitable for Church Administration, Patriarch Nikon acclaiming the idea of Church Supremacy lost his order and was deported to the North. Ascetics Maxim Greek and Neil Sorsky had given their comrades too high of standards to follow, finished their lives in jail anathematized.

The helping hand was extended by His Eminence Metropolitan Paisios, the Head of the Greek Orthodox Church of G.O.C. of  N. & S. America. From 1986, Fr. Anthony remains under Metropolitan Paisios' omophorion. And with his blessing worships in the Church.

As the paramount award for ail of Bishop Anthony's sufferings you can identify the ordinance to Episcopacy This is the recognition of his achievements before God, the Church, parishioners and pupils. And to all his opponents, Bishop Anthony answers with the word of the Bible: "God will forgive and save all of us, and won't leave at His mercy".